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Stream provides payments solutions to address Digital Transformation and Thailand’s National e-Payment initiatives.
Payments innovation is fast evolving to meet with changing consumer and commerce landscape whether through PromptPay or new Card schemes and eMoney.
New robust payment infrastructure needs to support both consumer payments as well as business payments. Mobile and omni-channel are key considerations. Identity and transaction security & integrity become vital. Furthermore, the new payment infrastructure will have to be well integrated with Fintech startups and embrace innovations.
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The modern digital workplace embraces mobility and collaboration to improve business agility.

Stream works with you to design & develop mobile applications with your business processes and integration to your backend systems. Stream offers responsive and native apps design & implements across our offerings, with leading Mobile platform technology provider. Our solutions can support either responsive or native modes with high security.

Our Mobile solutions afford you the mobile work-life, supporting what your business needs to extend, so you can make great things happen, anywhere, any time.

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Change the game

Data is arriving in real time from hundreds of internal and external sources—and it has shelf life; Its value, diminishes over time. With Business Events analytics solutions, you can jump-start big data processing initiatives that give you the ability to sense, reason, respond, and visualize—much different and much faster and smarter than the traditional store, analyze, report, act approach.

Use real-time intelligence

Not only can you detect and respond in real time and process events instantly, you can generate actionable insights. This real-time intelligence becomes part of your competitive strategy, providing a continuous feedback loop that continually enriches your knowledge, capabilities, and responses.

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Business Processes & Integration

Integration, Visibility, Security and Agility are critical points for every organization doing business in the Digital era. With our various solutions, Stream can design and deliver secure integrated solutions to assist clients in every industry to enable you to implement an effective digital strategy.

We make sure every part of your value chain is synchronized and working together seamlessly with security so that you can have the agility to meet new business challenges.

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Today we are living in the application economy era, where every business is now a software business. While this is exciting, it also presents an array of unprecedented challenges.

Successful companies need to focus on four key areas when looking at how they build and deploy new business applications:

Agility – providing faster times to market

Automation – delivering greater velocity with reliable quality

Insight – ensuring constant improvement through insights gathered from data

Security – guaranteeing safe, frictionless access

The end goal is to eliminate the barriers between ideas and outcomes. This is where the Modern Software Factory comes into play. It should be designed to adapt to both market disruption and customer demand. It is where your company needs to be. CA Technologies and Automic can help you get there.

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It is Stream’s aim to make the software development process more efficient and more predictable with modern software engineering techniques. We try to make software better matched client’s needs in the Digital world. For example, we deploy Agile methods like Scrum on projects whereby the business users and software engineering team work closely together with rapid iterative dev-and-feedback loop.
We are also using Continuous Integration, a term used as one of the key practices of XP (Extreme Programming) to automate daily software development work such as testing, building and deployment. The net result overall is increased productivity by reducing the time spent on manual tasks and improved quality.