Enterprise Infrastructure

As IT infrastructure is the basis for running core businesses in organizations today, Stream can provide IT infrastructure as you need. We also provide consulting and managed services for start-up businesses. We can help to design IT infrastructure based on your specific business requirements.

We offer various types of servers including traditional and hyper-converged platforms bundled with virtualization for easy management and resource optimization. In addition, we provide consulting and comprehensive storage solutions, as well as back up and DR solutions which are suitable for your business purpose.

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In our digital based economy, businesses need to communicate quickly and accurately. All communication channels need to have suitable connectivity – stable and with optimum bandwidths – to support the transmission of information between organizations and fast communication without any interruption. All of these systems all rely on robust network infrastructure.

At present, Internet of Things (IoT) devices are widely used. Not only for businesses, also in our daily lives. All IoT devices need to connect to the network infrastructure and send data to the central computer for real-time analysis. These data will enable the development of automated marketing, production & customer service processes, and respond to the needs of users immediately.

Stream I.T. Consulting is the leading consultancy in networking and security. Fully integrated, we provide services ranging from consulting, design and installation to 24×7 support.

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Cyber Security

Industries are entering the era of IT 4.0 and the IT systems are key drivers to grow the business. This leads to rapid growth in IT innovation and deployment. There is serious risks of these IT systems being attacked no matter internally or from the outside. For example, a hacker trying to hack a system to acquire information or internal attacks such as a virus or malware spread within an organization. These are all disruptive to critical IT services or causing delays. Businesses and customer services are disrupted, resulting in financial losses and reputation risks.

Stream realizes the need to provide comprehensive and up-to-date IT Security consulting and solutions to help safeguard your businesses. We are the leading consultancy in networking and security, offering fully integrated services ranging from consulting, design and installation to 24×7 support.


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Cloud Computing

Businesses need to be agile. Digital transformation is occurring at a rapid rate. Stream stands ready to offer a wide range of cloud computing solutions to address these needs. Together with our market-leading partners, we deliver solutions that suit the business to achieve the winning edge; namely the computing, storage, backup and disaster recovery services, as well as networking and security suites for total compliance.

We also offer SaaS services with vertical applications for various industries. Some of our offerings include Mobile app development platform and eCommerce, for example.

In addition, Stream provides complete managed services of the cloud platform, including infrastructure monitoring and management, by a team of certified professionals with years of experience in the field. This ensures that all your services residing on the cloud will always be online without experiencing any business interruptions.

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Robots have been in Thailand for some time in the automotive and manufacturing sectors, spurring the aspiration of young Thais to pioneer in the robotics field.

We, however, see a gap in the Thai market for the next generation of intelligent social and service robots that serve the needs of a wider audience. From Healthcare to Education to Service sector to Logistics and other key economic clusters in Thailand, we foresee the future success leveraging young Thai talents with global partners with expertise in global robotics development and commercialization.

‘Robotics to improve Quality of Life.’

Stream I.T. Consulting, as an experienced IT service provider, will focus our efforts in the research, design, and creation of robotic solutions which we believe will greatly benefit our clients across various key industries.

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