“Digital First” is top of mind of CEO’s today.

We understand your needs to transform your business to meet new challenges and opportunities of the digital world.

We are ready to stand alongside you as key strategic partner to design, execute and provide unparalleled service levels for your onward digital journey.


The strong commitment between Stream and our global partners ensure that we are capable and responsive to the Thai market needs.

Through close collaboration, we are able to leverage our capabilities to meet our clients’ growing demand for digital solutions as engine of growth for their businesses.


Stream was established in November 1998 by a group of IT consultants.

Today, we have grown to a 240-strong consulting firm led by our Nextgen leaders.

Towards the second half of 2014, we have embarked on a journey to position ourselves to meet challenges of the digital world.


Stream has a strong financial footing and has been profitable on an annual basis since inception.

We are a private firm but have insisted on strong audit by Stock Exchange of Thailand approved auditor since Day 1.

Our growth can be credited to our effective strategy management, prudent financial policy and robust risk management framework.


The highlight with Stream moving forward is our emphasis on Nextgen leaders, supported by a strong senior leadership team.

The world is moving fast, and having recognized that, Stream adopts the agile culture so that we can harness the creative talents of our team members.

This means that the Management team has the depth and breadth to position our company to be at the forefront of the Digital world.


Our roots as IT Experts for over 16 years position us well for the new digital frontier.

“Software is the business” affects all sectors, causing our clients to rethink business models.

With new level of accessibility and connectivity, a strong IT foundation is key in transforming organizations and meeting new consumer demands in the most efficient manner.



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