Currently, businesses need to continually analyze and assess their business models, business
performance, risks as well as changing consumer behavior. Through Stream’s involvement with
many digital initiatives, we can take the next steps to deploy data analytics to take advantage of the
massive information. We have high experience in Big Data and Analytics such as Customer
Experience and Loyalty, Revenue Management, Digital Fraud Management and Anti-Money
Laundering solutions which are vital for all banks and financial institutions.

Stream enables new financial innovation such as Blockchain, Biometrics, Digital ID, Chatbot, Mobile
Banking, and Internet Banking solutions to drive clients onboarding. Moreover, we have an
eCommerce platform that helps bring businesses into the digital economy.


Solutions: Anti-Money Laundering | Digital Fraud Management | Cheque Truncation | Corporate
Internet and Mobile Banking| Retail Internet and Mobile Banking | Revenue Management | Big Data
and Analytics | API Management | eCommerce | NDID Blockchain | Biometrics | Chatbot



Stream has been active in the Payments industry driving innovation through technology and enhancing customer experience via omni-channels. Under the National ePayments initiatives of the Thai government, the country is now one of the fastest digital adoption countries with relatively high mobile and social media uptakes.

Innovation in payments and payment ecosystems have developed rapidly to meet demands from changes in demographics/ consumer behaviors and business environment. Thailand has successfully launched the PromptPay (Immediate Payments) scheme, increased usage of Debit and Credit cards and introduced the use of QR code. New initiatives such as Open-loop Contactless Transit are also being considered. The industry needs robust, scalable and secure payment infrastructure that support both consumers businesses. Payment systems of the future must be API-enabled to support banks to create ecosystems that facilitate seamless integration of the whole value chain.


Solutions: PromptPay Payments | Enterprise Payments Hub | Card Payments | Card Fraud Management | Payment Gateway | Open-loop Contactless Transit | Payments Reconcile | Payments Security | Digital Banking Security


Digital technology enables businesses to stay relevant as well as improve operational efficiency to maintain their competitiveness. Stream provides solutions for servicing customers and managing documents including Web and Mobile channels, Business Process Management and Enterprise Content Management.


In addition, we pioneered the innovative TaxOne service to provide an end-to-end eTax invoice and eReceipt solution for the complete generation, delivery and storage of electronic information. The solution is in compliance with new regulations of Thailand’s Revenue Department.

Furthermore, businesses need to improve their supply chains operational effectiveness, to leverage emerging digital supply chain business models, and to transform the company into a key participant of the digital supply chain.


Solutions: Business Ecosystems | Business Process Management | Enterprise Contents Management | Insurance Mobile  | TAXONE and TAXONE SaaS (eTax Invoice & eReceipt) | Digital Supply Chain





Stream provides solutions to ensure robust and secure information exchanges between organization &  partners and within organizations. We have good experience in corporate-to-corporate, corporate-to-bank, corporate-to-government and bank-to-government connectivity. Information will be transferred faster so the data can be used for further processing in real-time. Our solutions provide visibility to ensure error-free operations and to meet service requirements.


Our solutions include B2B Integration, Robotic Process Automation, Revenue Department MFT Gateway, Rapid Incident Response and DevOps. You will make precise business decisions, collaborate with partners and be prepared for new challenges of the digital economy.


Solutions: Revenue Department MFT and Data Transformation | B2B Integration | Robotic Process Automation | Test Automation | IT Automation | DevOps | Rapid Incident Response




Stream provides and supports the leading low-code development platform that lets you visually develop your entire application, easily integrate with existing systems, and add your own custom code when you need it. With this platform, new business models can be created, along with support for many digital transformation initiatives in an organization.

Crafted by engineers with obsessive attention to detail, every aspect of our platform is designed to help you build and deliver better web and mobile apps faster. Stream adopts leading Agile project management and tools to create user stories, add estimation points, stay on track with personalized scrum boards, and schedule review and retrospective meetings from one place.


Solutions: Low Code Development Platform | Agile Practices





When technology is applied to identify individuals and things, we are able to link information between organizations or applications. We realize the importance of identifying standards that are based on advanced security to support more mobility, greater demand for security and trust, an accelerating shift towards smart cities and more calls for public supervision of digital identification systems and digital ID initiatives.

Stream provides Blockchain, National Digital ID (NDID), Biometrics and Digital Twins solution which connects Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Data Analytics and others. Therefore, managing everyday transactions will be more convenient with more data insights.


Solutions: Blockchain | NDID | Biometrics | Digital Twins



Due to the business adoption of digital transformation, data security plays an important role to keep personal information of organizations and customers. In terms of transactions, all information needs advanced security systems to prevent data breaches.

Stream sets a top priority for data privacy and security. Therefore, we offer advanced solutions that will protect your IT and network systems, such as Payments Security, Digital Banking Security, Enterprise Data Protection, Cyber Security, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Gen V Cyber Security, Advanced Endpoint Protection, Privileged Access Security, SecOps, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), DDoS protection, Secured Cloud-Managed Network Service (DDI) and User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) solution which support the creation of digital applications.


SolutionsPayments Security | Digital Banking Security | Enterprise Data Protection | Digital Signature | Cyber Security | GDPR | Gen V Cyber Security | Advanced Endpoint Protection | Privileged Access Security | SecOps | SIEM | DDoS protection | Secured Cloud-Managed Network Service (DDI) | UEBA


     The evolution of hardware in the previous era has developed to AI Computing that stores and analyzes Big Data better than using a normal computer. The power of the processing of the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) can improve AI learning efficiency.

     Stream has extensive experience in mission critical enterprise infrastructure. We design and implement Enterprise Servers and Storage, Enterprise Data Center Connectivity, Enterprise Network Solutions, Private & Hybrid Cloud Solutions, Systems Management and provide comprehensive Facilities Management. We support organizations to run their business and prepare them to meet future business challenges.


Solutions: AI Computing | Private Cloud | Hybrid Cloud | Public Cloud | Enterprise Servers and Storage | Enterprise Data Center Connectivity | Enterprise Network Solutions | Systems Management Solution | Facilities Management



As a leader in digital technology, Stream merges a number of intelligent innovations. For example, our service of IoT starts from the device to store data of human and things. Next, IoT collects the data into a platform to analyze and display in the application. Moreover, some applications are in the digital trends including Smart City, AI and Robotics to assist human job, and Intelligent CCTV to monitor and analyze an event.

The above innovations enable improvements in business processes and monitoring and provide more information to support better decision making.

Solutions: Smart City | IOT Devices | IOT Platform | Intelligent CCTV | AI | Robotics | Digital Signage